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What is the Republican Liberty Caucus?

If you’ve found this page, you’ve already met us or you’re searching for the term Liberty. You’re on the right track! So what are we all about?

The Republican Liberty Caucus started in 1991 with a group of Republicans who felt the party had left its Constitutional roots and wanted to restore this important foundation to our party and our nation. Before McCain-Feingold, it was a recognized caucus within the party; now it functions through its membership to influence the party from within, as opposed to the Tea Party and other conservative organizations outside the party. Every election, RLC members and candidates are elected to local, state and national offices — and our numbers are growing rapidly more recently.

Washington State began our Caucus in late 2012, and held our first convention in Yakima in May of 2013. At that time, we had more than 300 members, making us the largest state charter in the country. Grant County chartered in April of 2013, and we’re excited to get off the ground!

We’ll be having educational evenings featuring movies, speakers or discussions. We’ll be out working hard for campaigns and issues. We’ll be engaging with the Republicans at every level, holding them to Constitutional principles and true Liberty-oriented policies.

Please join us! If you’re here on this page, you’re looking for a way to influence your world for the true American principles we were given in our Constitution. We’ll be happy to have you in our midst!

For more information, check out http://www.rlcwa.org, and our Facebook page “Liberty Republicans of Grant County.”



This is What We Do

Last week, we hosted KrisAnne Hall in Moses Lake. KrisAnne is an attorney, and as a former prosecutor, was fired for teaching the Constitution to Tea Party groups. (You can read more of her story at www.krisannehall.com.)

Our event was well-attended — 27 guests from around Grant County and even as far away as Spokane. Six of our RLC members were present, as well as some from the Tea Party, some from the Thomas Jefferson Center, a candidate for the 4th Congressional seat, a few from the local GOP, and even a gentleman who just happened to be passing through the hotel lobby as we got started. Nearly everyone visited KrisAnne’s table, and we are processing four new RLC memberships.

As was explained there, the RLC is not just a “talking” organization. Many of us have experienced frustration with the number of meetings political groups plan and yet rarely accomplish anything substantial or effective. Instead, the RLC is a “action” organization. We have already worked for a Washington Senate campaign (Brian Dansel in the 7th LD), participated in two gun shows, represented our state RLC at the Packwood Swap Meet weekend, and engaged with numerous other conservative groups in the county and state.

We also engage in educational events, such as the KrisAnne Hall presentation. We’ve begun showing the 3-part series, “Courage: New Hampshire,” at our monthly meetings. We’ve passed five resolutions and moved them on to the county GOP agenda; one has passed there, two are being reconsidered after some minor changes and more education. We hope to bring Washington’s new version of the Tennessee Center for Self-Governance to the area soon.

If this is the kind of politics in which you want to participate, let us know. Many hands make light work, and there is much work to be done.